For many Connecticut homeowners, their garage space has evolved into more than just an entry and exit point into their residences. From storage and freezers to workshops and activity areas, the use of garages has dynamically changed which is why they need better protection. If you aren’t sure why an insulated garage door is essential for your home, here are a few amazing benefits they can offer.

1. Protection From Weather and Temperatures

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The weather is the most popular reason homeowners in Connecticut consider an insulated garage door. Protecting the home and property from the extreme temperatures of summer and winter across the state is essential and when there is excessive rain in the area or heavy winds, your garage space is protected with an extra material layer to prevent extensive damage. Ultimately, insulated garage doors will regulate the temperature in your home and garage while promoting thermal efficiency and lower energy expenses.

2. Less Maintenance & Increased Durability

Insulated garage doors have an extra layer of material that keeps them as durable as the walls in the garage so there is less maintenance for preventing gaps and leakage. Such issues are common with a non-insulated garage door and therefore an insulated garage space has nearly the same thermal efficiency as the rest of the home. These garage doors can also last longer than those not insulated.

3. Quieter to Operate & Noise Control

Non-insulated garage doors often shake and vibrate loudly when they’re being opened and closed whereas insulated garage doors experience significantly less noise and are often unheard by nearby neighbors when they’re operating. Additionally, the single-layer panel of a non-insulated door allows noise from the outside or inside to be easily heard. An insulated garage door acts as a sound barrier that reduces the noise from traffic or neighbors while keeping your garage space activities from being heard outside.

4. Increase Home Value & Curb Appeal

Installing an insulated garage door for your home is a great way to increase its value. Not only do garage door renovations offer a 93.8 percent return on investment but an insulated garage door increases curb appeal by providing a stunning and durable appearance.

Is An Insulated Garage Door Right For You?

Not all garages are used the same way, and they prove as a valuable bonus space for a variety of different needs. Depending on how you are using your garage or where it is located on your property can dictate if an insulated garage door is a good idea for your home. Here are three scenarios where an insulated garage door is recommended:  

1. You Have An Attached Garage

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All garages attached to homes will absorb heat and energy from the source, even if there isn’t an HVAC system connected. The heat in your home can easily escape into the garage. You want to maintain as much of that as you can. Also, if your garage is attached to your home, and you are using it to store your vehicle, you want an area that has maintained a comfortable temperature when you get into your car. Additionally, noise from the outside can be heard inside your home, vice versa, and an insulated garage door can reduce any noise effects.

2. Your Garage Is A Living Space

Have you renovated your garage into an apartment for a loved one? Or do you use it as a work space? Since garages do not come with much standard insulation, an insulated garage door can keep the space warm and within a smaller temperature range, even in the coldest of temperatures.

3. Bonus Room Above Garage

While you may have your bonus room insulated, the temperatures coming through the garage door below can adversely impact the temperature you are trying to maintain in the bonus room. These rooms often have issues with energy loss that are a direct result of a lack of insulation below. By installing an insulated garage door, you can stabilize the temperature upstairs.

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